This was a crowd sourced music video project that Christopher Hopkins conceptualized, implemented and managed from start to finish. He originally had the idea when the instructor of the Beginning Digital Imaging section for Sacramento City College’s Graphic Communication department asked him to design an assignment to replace an end of semester evaluation assignment. He thought that they should take advantage of the large number of contributors accessible to potentially work on one large communal project, rather than 100 individual ones. The instructor liked the idea so much that he connected with recording artist, ARex to invite him to participate. The concept was to create a music video based on multiple frames to create a stop-motion animation effect. Each student was responsible for creating a small number of frames. Christopher edited, organized, synchronized and produced the video to create the file you see below. This was a priceless learning experience for him to challenge and expand his project management skills. He was inspired by the interesting, unpredictable results that can come when a large group of people works cooperatively, yet individually on a single project. Additionally, Christopher had the pleasure of introducing this video at an exhibition called “MATTER”, a collection of the finest student art and design projects in Northern California, at the De Young